What is User Interface?


User interface is what enables the seamless interaction of your digital product with an user. it should compliment your product and effectively communicate your message. for these reasons, it should be one of the first things you consider when creating an app or website.

A user interface should also be intuitive and functional, making it easy for the user to navigate the app or website. Think of an everyday design that you use without second thought such as a door handle or a tap. The experience for a user should be just as seamless.

To achieve this sort of interaction, you must understand your audience innately. Discover why they would access your website or app, how they would use it and the path they would take to successfully reach their destination. Your user interface should provide the simplicity and functionality to achieve this saving the user time and hassle.

Creating an effective user interface is not an easy task. It’s a balance of aesthetics and purpose, beauty and functionality. but above all else, it’s about making your user’s life easier.


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