User Experience. What is it?


User Experience or UX, has become a commonly used phrase in business, but do those talking about it truly understand its implications? With an increase in interest in the field, there is an opportunity for businesses learn the fundamentals of UX and meaningfully apply it to solve business and design problems.

So where do you start when it comes to UX? Before anything else, put yourself in the shoes of your user and you'll already be a step closer to understanding the objective.

The concept of putting the user at the heart of everything is still being learned by businesses. However, the importance of shifting their focus is becoming increasingly obvious due to the implications it can have on product relevance and success.

When I start the design process, I won’t think about the look and feel until I have identified the relevant audience. Driven by the user, I then apply UX methodology and visual communication skills to develop a cohesive strategy and well-designed business solution that not only looks good but delivers outcomes.