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Initially trained as a Graphic Designer and with many years of experience working as an Experience Designer, my work is often quite diverse.

This broad experience has allowed me to learn that Design is not just creating pixel-perfect graphics, instead, Design is more of a Toolkit to solve problems. This perspective has also led me to work in a wide variety of projects and has also given me a clear path to follow.

I see my day to day as an chance to learn something new, something which I've learned from Design Thinking. Whether reading a book, working on a side project or participating in a Hackathon, I'm constantly finding ways to use Design in my life.


I also use the framework by Simon Sinek to find purpose in my work.

For some time I found my work to be quite meaningless and empty especially when Design was not valued or understood. Then, I learned that before expecting everyone to value Design I needed to help them understand it.

My purpose as a Designer is to solve challenges and create solutions that make peoples lives easier, my work is just the medium to deliver that purpose.


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